For a long time now extensions onto existing buildings have been commonplace. The idea is that either you extend on what you have or move for something bigger. While extensions take more careful planning and work there are several benefits to having one built, in our five reasons below you will see a range of points which explain why you should invest in a home extension and realise why a house extension is worth it.

Adding Space with a Home Extension

This is an obvious point hence its inclusion at the top of our list, but many people don’t think about the potential of this extra space. The possibilities aren’t quite endless but they are vast. Think outside of the box, this doesn’t have to be a maligned conservatory-like wind down area. You can create a games room for children, adults or both, or if you create a two story extension you could add an en suite or an extra bedroom for guests – if it adds onto your kitchen you will be able to have a luxury space for better cooking. In the end the space will be yours to use as you see fit.

Don’t Relocate, Add Property Value

Moving can be one of the most stressful things you can do in your adult life, and while an extension is no walk in the park you won’t be the one building it and you won’t lose sleep over submitted and rejected offers on a new house. You might like the area you’re in but feel you want to add value, an extension can be a neutral investment for most, but depending on what kind of extension you add, the value of your property might roll higher in the coming years. Making it an efficient way to add value to your home.

Single or Double?

Obviously a double floor extension will cost more and take longer but you will end up with two more rooms, this is room enough for a relaxing area by the side of your garden as well as a new en suite. The choice is yours, depending on your finances; a single level extension will still add another room to your property so both will increase the value of your property at the end of the day. A two story extension will appeal more to those who want a bigger house but who want to stay where they are.

You Could Avoid Planning Permission

If you plan a small enough extension to your home, and as long as it doesn’t get snagged on one of the many rules, you could avoid the need for planning permission. For some people this is the biggest turn off when it comes to an extension but if you’re house is detached and far away enough from main roads then you can put planning permission behind you. You will of course still need to meet building regulations for health and safety standards.

Tech, Style and Design

This is the fun part for extensions – while most of your house might be outdated already this is a chance to focus a small amount of effort on the little details. You could add a projector to turn the room into a cinema room, a pool table for a games room or choose a plush sofa to create a quiet space away from the rest of the house. You’ll also be able to decorate this either in keeping with your current interior design or create a new unique space. Let your creative side out.

Remember before you go ahead knocking down walls or start digging your foundations you should contact you local builders who can offer expert advice on any home improvement project, such as an extension or conversion, assist you by easing concerns and even help manage each stage of the process.

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