When you’re renovating a house, there are some contacts you should have on hand that could prove to be incredibly useful. In this post, we will cover what some of these are, and why they can be so useful to help you be best prepared when renovating. Keep reading to find out more.


Whether you’re renovating an older property or plumbing becomes damaged during building work, there are a number of reasons you can experience plumbing issues. So, it’s a good idea to have a number for a good quality plumber on hand to help you out. Plumbing issues usually need to be handled quickly, so already having a contact for a plumber will help you be prepared and resolve the issue promptly.


When the property gets handed over to you, and in the months of renovations after, it’s common to need the services of a locksmith. Not having access to the property can really set you back on your project, so having a locksmith’s number ready to call can help to save some time as you won’t have to search around for one. A 24-hour locksmith is best, as you will likely be working on your renovation at all different times of the day and night. If you’re based in the Cardiff area, contact Curley Locks for a professional 24-hour service.


Another useful contact to have is that of a quality and experienced plasterer. Whether you’re working on improving an old home, knocking down walls, or building new ones, it’s a good idea to have a plasterer at the ready. Plastering is a difficult art to master, and you might need to call in professionals, so make sure you find someone with a great reputation. Ideally, try and find a plasterer that has already been used by someone you know.


Handling electric work can be incredibly dangerous and is best left to a qualified and experienced electrician. Unless you yourself are a qualified electrician, then don’t take on any work involving electronics yourself. It’s not only dangerous to you and others but is breaking regulations for work on properties. Make sure you find an electrician with the right credentials and a good reputation, to make sure your electric work gets carried out to the highest standard.

Skip Company Or Waste Disposal

The amount of waste produced even from quite a basic house renovation can be surprising. You will find that you regularly need waste removed in order to carry on with renovation work, as it can be difficult having to make near-constant trips to tip sites to dispose of it yourself. You can use a waste removal service, where they will collect and dispose of all the waste for you straight away. But hiring a skip can sometimes be more cost-effective and practical, allowing you to choose the amount of waste that will be collected and when. Research the correct size of skip you will need for the amount of waste you will need to get rid of.

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