Mirror mirrors in the hallway, or the bedroom, the kitchen or even the bathroom. They are practical accessories that add character and aesthetic appeal to otherwise bland and boring spaces. They do so by increasing the perceptual largeness, brightness and can also highlight the key items in your home.

While it is commonplace to find mirrors in the above-mentioned rooms, most people find it challenging to place them in the dining room. This is understandable since the dining room is not only where the family members and guests gather for nourishment but also where they get to have conversations and be social with each other. You want this room to be warm and comfortable but still retain that chic and elegant look to showcase your class to your guests.

When used correctly, mirrors can be great conversational pieces and according to Feng Shui, they could determine the energy in a given space. You should therefore be careful with their placement especially in the dining room as mistakes are easy to come by and could ruin an otherwise great experience. Below are a few tips for how you can go about the art of mirror placement in your dining room to achieve the best effect, with suggestions for the best wall mirrors to use:

How to Place Wall Mirrors in the Dining Room

1. Prop One at the End of the Dining Table

A great way to style up your dining room is by propping a full length wall mirror at one end of the dining table. This way, the mirror is not facing anyone in particular but if one glances sideways, they will be met with a charming view, of say, an antique piece on the opposite wall. Here, you also have the freedom to go big so the mirror radiates a larger than life feeling. You could also go for a framed mirror with a colour or decorations that complement the rest of your interior décor.

2. Place the Mirror Facing a Window

A classic way to brighten your space is by placing the mirror opposite a window, reflecting the natural light into the dining room. You should however be careful with how you set the mirror. Ensure the window itself is attractive or is captured at a flattering angle as you do not want an ugly view ruining the appetite of your guests. You should also take care that no glare is reflected into the eyes of the diners. A large mirror for the wall could do the trick to liven up a rather bare wall and turn it into an interior décor focal point.

3. Reflecting a Light Fixture

Another great way to use a mirror in your dining room is by reflecting a statement light fixture such as a wall lamp or a chandelier If you are going for the traditional interior decoration style. Use a tall mirror that captures the lower edge of your chandelier in all its dazzling splendour. This not only adds to the brightness of your room but also helps your highlight the attractive elements of the light fixture. Here, you could benefit from a Shabby Chic wall mirror whose antique embellishment will help you attain that vintage glamour and elegance.

4. Flanked by Artwork or Pictures

The dining room is a great place to display artwork or important family pictures. These not only add character to your room but also act as excellent conversation starters. Use a large mirror for wall together with artwork or pictures to emphasize them and to create a gallery effect. You could place the mirror at the centre of the wall and flank it with your beautifully framed pictures and artwork. For a less formal look, play with various asymmetrical placings until you get the one that suits you.

5. Obscured by another Décor Object

Multiply the glamour of a décor object by placing it right in front of your large wall mirror. A beautifully shaped flower vase could be placed just at the right end of a frameless mirror so that some parts of your potted plant stretch outside the edges of the mirror. This way, the mirror acts a backdrop and the two objects create an impressive tableau. Other objects that the mirror could help highlight include a gaming console, a statue, antiquities, etc.

6. Hang the Mirrors in Groupings

Large wall mirrors are not the only way to go when decorating your dining room. You could use an assortment of different small mirrors to achieve a marvellous effect. These could be identical or could have a unifying element such as the colour of the frame. To find a suitable arrangement, try shifting the mirrors around on the floor until you find one that appeals to you. You can then mark the corresponding areas on your wall and proceed to hang each mirror in its designated place. You should, however, be careful when choosing the mirrors to ensure their frame colours and design do not clash with each other.

The interior design of a room will play an important role in shaping how you remember the events that took place in it. Since a lot of family memories are created in dining rooms, this is not a space whose décor you want to take lightly. As seen above, mirrors can be used in a lot of ways for different effects. Whether looking for a metal, round or full length wall mirror for your dining room, be sure to check out our affordable collection of wall mirrors at Casa Chic Boutique where you are guaranteed to find the best quality at the most friendly prices.

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