When we have already been decided what kind of renovation for our homes we are looking for, we must have an accurate knowledge of everything that will be done, the cost that it will have and the time it will last, as well as the professionals that help us in that fabulous change.

But this idea of renewal not only entails thinking about it and carrying it out, it involves investment of our time and expenses that many times were not considered, especially when we refer to such important and useful rooms as the kitchen or the bathroom, because there once the change has begun, it can’t be halved as we would be trying to look with the appearance but above all with its functionality and nobody would like the idea of starting other renovation a few weeks after everything is finished.

Experienced and enthusiastic renovation experts recommend BWT Luxury Water® for a profitable renovation. The Best Water Technology (BWT) is the leader company in water technology, they created a concise range of technically advanced high quality, ion exchange water softeners, designed and developed for UK homes and plumbing systems. If we live in a hard water area, renovating our home can be an ideal time to consider the installation of one BWT Luxury Water® softener.

A brand-new bathroom: a sight to behold and pure joy!

Nothing like a brilliant shine, not only on fixtures and fittings but also on shower enclosures, high end bathroom tiles and surfaces for long time. Bathroom specialists rely on BWT Luxury Water® to create a long-lasting shine on dream bathrooms and prevent unsightly limescale from building up on top-quality, delicate materials.

By installing one Luxury Water® softener, our bathroom renovation finds the most cost-effective route. It will protect our bath and shower enclosures, fixtures and fittings from a build-up of limescale and the environment, by reducing our consumption of detergents and clearing agents.

Time, effort and creativity to your new perfect kitchen

Are you a master chef or maybe you can’t stand cooking? It doesn’t matter! Everybody knows that the kitchen is likely the heart of our home, and as such planning to renovate or extend a kitchen can be an immensely exciting time for us.

We will make your days more pleasurable with dazzling cutlery, streak-free glasses, spotless crockery and shiny fixtures and fittings. But just a few months later, we want everything looks like the first day. If we really want to save every possible extra future cost, go with a small inversion at first will be a good idea.

BWT Luxury Water® softener not only gives our crockeries a brilliant sparkle, but also leaves our kitchens with a lasting shine, making hours of cleaning and scrubbing unnecessary. Calcium can also build up in our entire water systems and the appliances connected to them, like dishwashers, kettles and coffee machines, with potentially dramatic and very expensive consequences.

Finding the right solutions for your domestic plumbing and sanitary installations

But do not worry, all the bad that can come to your mind when you think about the innovation of your home will be eliminated if you make a prior plan of what you want to change, how you will do it and in what way you will organize yourself while this happens.

That is the reason that softened water will significantly extend the life of our domestic plumbing and sanitary installations, and reduce maintenance costs. The BWT Luxury Water® provides softened water, boosting our wellbeing and also protects our entire domestic water supply and the appliances connected to it against potentially dangerous limescale deposits.

Luckily, our water supplier guarantees the supply of drinking water to our homes which meets the internationally recognized quality. Nevertheless, dirt and dust particles as well as limescale in many regions can enter into installations through connections and maintenance work. Possible consequences range from expensive repair work to increased energy costs, clogged pipes and calcified household devices, fittings and shower heads. BWT Luxury Water® ecological and economic water treatment products guarantee you security, hygiene and health across a wide range of application areas and this is the reasons why many UK homes are already enjoy it.

The simplest changes are able to make the biggest difference

Blending form and functionality, BWT Luxury Water® solutions have been designed and developed to meet the demands of today’s busy lifestyles, delivering copious amounts of softened water wherever we need it. Fitting comfortably into our home environment, a BWT water softener is the ideal partner to protect and enhance luxury bathrooms and shiny kitchens.

Choose BWT with complete confidence. As one of Europe’s leading water softener manufacturers, BWT is able to deliver an unrivalled combination of experience and proven products. With a strong independent installer base and products widely available from all leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers, all you need to do is ask for BWT by name.

Remember that transformation always goes hand in hand with progress. Sometimes even the simplest changes are able to improve our home incredibly.

BWT offers us a wide range of products and solutions for our individual requirements. The BWT water softener is often sited in the kitchen fitting perfectly under the sink so make the most of every inch saving space. Also, the BWT Water Softeners price is affordable, the installation is quick, the amount of salt needed is really small and the process is really easy. We will save on energy consumption and heating costs, up to 50% on detergents and cleaning agents and on expensive future repairs to our household appliances or plumbing reparations.

For more information about BWT Luxury Water® visit www.luxurywater.co.uk.

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