Inflation is increasing day by day and it affects everything and everyone but the most affected are the properties. People who wish to improve their level of living or upgrade their standard find it extremely hard to match up with the prices of houses in the market. So, to upgrade your living standard, if you can’t afford buying a new home (while you’re fortunate enough to own one) you are left with the option of enhancing the condition of your current property and maximize its value and space, with time. This will not only be more suitable economically but you also don’t have to pack, move and shift which is just another of a giant upheaval to manage and you are also saved from leaving your house to which you are emotionally connected.

So to manage what you must do, in the economically challenging times, to give your house a makeover or much needed enhancement, following are a few tips that we have researched for your convenience:

Transform your attic

The first option to enhance your current property is to transform your attic into an amazing individual bedroom and if your construction allows, then top it with an attached bathroom. This is the most advisable option as you (most of the times) don’t even have to get permission for planning and construction because you are only enhancing its overall look and volumes with minor changes in the structure. It will cost you a bit but will return you in double by increasing the value of your home, should you ever sell because of this extra groomed bedroom with an attached bath.

Opt for an extension

If you have decided to transform your attic, then the next thing you need is an extension because unless you extend the space you won’t be able to enhance what you have. You can probably and easily extend by 30 to 40 sqm without having to worry about resolving the issues with permissions and planning, but still, it doesn’t harm anyone to check with the official departments about the extension regulations in your area. You can even design this extension into a separate area for a particular need like a separate study corner or your personal gym or training area, just make sure it has the same paint or floors as of the entire house or else it will awkwardly stand out.

This extension will actually increase the worth of your house in the market. The potential in your house will depend on how you have enhanced it further. But some moderate investments will help in the future price hike of your property.

Convert your garage

An obvious way of transforming the look of your house is to put to use those areas or spaces that are currently not in any productive use. Like many people around the globe, if you have a garage and you are also using it to dump your accessories and treat the space as a storage room or a near junk room, then it’s time to convert it and transform it into a more suitable living space. You can transform it into a bedroom, a separate library, your work place at home, kid’s section or a proper greenhouse nursery. This will actually be the most smart use of your space but will also earn you better at the time of sale of your house. Start by imagining and then of course buying some nice garage flooring and the rest of the ideas to improve this space will come naturally.

Wood flooring

Now that you have enhanced the space factor of your home, you need to work on the beautification of your entire house as that will also give your house a much needed makeover and will increase its market value too. The buyers who visit your home will also value all the efforts that you have put in and will be a little more convinced to pay you better because of your ‘going an extra mile’. Now to begin with incredible beautification, the first yet most prominent thing to add style and statement to your property, is wood flooring.

Wood flooring is the most classy way of enhancing the floors and has other multiple advantages like they are easy to clean, unlike carpets moss and dirt do not house in wood flooring, and if you or some member of your home has allergies to dust particles, pollen or animal dander, then wood flooring is the best feature to add in your home through which you can glorify your new look of the house and also the value.

Energy efficiency

One of the best ways to enhance your home both for yourself and for the future potential buyers is to make your home an energy efficient house. This will help you save money through your electricity bills and will also allure the buyers to you because in the current times of price hikes in everything, an energy efficient house is like a lottery, anyone would happily invest into. You can go and easily choose from the numerous options that are available, and then see what you can invest into as they all vary with their individual prices. But some of the most common options are solar panels, biomass boilers or smart home thermostats.

A last tip: don’t forget about the windows. Plantation shutters have a good history of enhancing the appeal of a house while increasing its value. They can be made custom built so they can be adjusted on every shape and size of windows. There is a vast range of materials that you can choose for plantation shutters including hardwood, poplar, aluminum, PVC, etc. These shutters are available in almost every color depending on your taste while matching the color of your walls both on interior and the exterior of your house.

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