Unfortunately, a real nightmare happens far too often: you wanted to get something outside for a moment, and the door slammed. The key is still on a chest of drawers or is in the lock, so you will soon realize that you have just involuntarily locked yourself out – and now need help! It’s a horrible experience. Most people have experienced the hassle.

Why does the door get locked?

There are several reasons behind a door locked. Major problems are:

  • Warping – Because of poor weather, the door can wind up. This can prevent the key from opening the locked door.
  • Broken Key – If there is too much force needed to unlock the door, the key can break.
  • Key Stuck In Lock – There is a chance that the key is stuck inside the lock because of rust.
  • Faulty Lock – This is an internal problem. You must consult a locksmith about repairing this problem.


It is common nowadays; people forget their keys inside the house and then find them locked out of the house. If your door is not smart, then it makes a lot of trouble to unlock it. If it is a smart door, you can quickly get help from the service provider if you’re locked outside. You may wonder how to get free of this problem. There are several ways to find ways to get inside a locked home.

Method 1

At first, try to open the door by yourself. When all methods are used, and the door lock cannot be unlocked, you can ask a professional unlocking company like thegtalockman to unlock it. This is the most commonly used method for most people today. They’ll take a service charge from you and open your door in a short time.

Method 2

A trick that works perfectly if your door has an old lock is to use a credit card. But careful about using the card, because it can be damaged. Better try to use a gift card.

The procedure is simple; the first thing is to insert the card from the side of the door, sliding the long end between the frame and the door lock above the lock, then tilt the card a little and take it to the latch of the lock. Push the card towards you as you turn the door handle.

Method 3

Generally, the door lock cannot be opened because of external force. Because the lock tongue is distorted in shape, it causes the door to jam and cannot get out. You can’t get in.

In this case, the best emergency treatment is to find the bolt and pull the screw that fell off from the door’s crack. This method is limited to situations where the door lock cannot be opened due to different material forces.

Method 4

If the door lock of the toilet in your house cannot be opened, take this as an example, and briefly introduce you to the first method of opening the door lock. We need a sharp knife to do this. A knife that has a sharp tip will work better.

First of all, we must hold the door from the outside of the toilet door. The contractible part in the middle is also called the lock shaft. The lock shaft should not be in contact with the lock slot to reduce friction. When inserting a sharp knife into the lock slot gap, hold the lock shaft and apply force to the lock shaft’s free direction. Maybe it can’t be opened once or twice, so try more time, perhaps it opened.

Method 5

To unlock an anti-theft door, hit the lock cylinder, use one end of the master key to piercing the inside of the lock cylinder, and then hit the other key with a hammer. While hitting, try to twist the master key to see if it can be opened. It generally begins under normal circumstances.

Take out the small box containing the tin tool, put the tin foil tool in a unique tool, and insert it into the B-level lock cylinder with some help. Then fix the lock cylinder to the small vise, shake the lock cylinder for about 1 minute, the lock can be opened smoothly.

Lock buying guide

When choosing a lock, first pay attention to the lock that matches the door’s opening direction. The thickness of the door and lock is also an important choice. The safety should be apparent and the surface smooth.

If you have ever had a situation where the door lock cannot be opened, don’t take it lightly, even if it is opened later. Because, at some point, it may not open again. Consider changing the lock core at this time. It’ll reduce the risk and will save your property. And never be panicked if you’re locked out of the house. Be calm and apply the above methods. It’s better to take help from professionals. But gaining knowledge can help you more in emergencies.

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