Home renovation is a normal part of owning a house. A new arrival in your family may create the need for more space, or you could want to take the house back to basics to make decorating easier.

The reason behind your wish to renovate is going to be different for every individual, but starting with a complex set of structures is not. This is why house renovations aren’t simple; however, you can make the job a lot easier for yourself. Let’s look at a few things that you can do before you start renovating your home.

Get A Building Survey

A building survey is often conducted when you first purchase your house. Your conveyance solicitor will find a professional to evaluate your home to find any structural issues that need to be fixed before the sale can go ahead. Conveyance quotes are easy to come by, and you can find several conveyancers quotes at Conveyancing Store. The surveys are designed to find the big issues that you shouldn’t face as a new homeowner. A renovation survey is a little different.

This new survey should seek to find any support beams or weak points that you should avoid damaging when planning a renovation. It will also highlight where the water pipes are, as well as any gas and electricity cables that run into the property. Conduct this survey before you renovate to avoid creating further problems during the project.

Plan Your Life Around It

House renovations can be messy operations. They can involve knocking down walls, ripping out entire rooms, and sometimes pulling up the floors. Unfortunately, all of these steps can affect how you live within the home. It is always a good idea to discuss the process with your builders before the project starts so that you can organise your life around the project. Some weeks may require you to stay out of sections of your home, and others may force you to briefly live elsewhere. Make sure that you prepare for these eventualities when they occur to avoid being pushed from pillar to post. It also removes a lot of stress from the equation.

Discuss The Changes With Your Insurance Provider

Insurance is needed to protect you from unforeseen circumstances that can leave you out of pocket. Home insurance should protect you against theft, fires, or weather damage, and your monthly payments will be based on the layout of your current house and its value.

Any changes that you make during your renovation can increase your home’s value, which in turn could affect how much you are entitled to in the event of an insurance pay-out. However, failing to inform your insurance provider about any changes could nullify your current agreement, and possibly land you in legal trouble. Make sure that you inform your home insurer about your renovation plans as you may have to draw up a new policy.


Once you have these things in place, you should be on the right track to get your renovation started. There is no guarantee that the project will go off without any issues, but at least you are now as prepared as you can be.

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