Thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing lockdowns it has necessitated, most of us have been spending a lot more time at home than usual over the past year. One consequence of this is that it has got many of us thinking about how we can improve our houses and get more enjoyment out of our property. There are of course lots of options in this regard – from loft conversions to full renovations – but one perennially popular option is to have a conservatory built. Here is why one can be such a great addition to your home.

It gives you more room

With many of us now working from home and with schools and universities moving back to online teaching, having more space has never been so important. A conservatory is a wonderful way to add an extra room to your home, in order to accommodate a growing family or new requirements. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to shape and size, so whatever outside space you have available, a conservatory can be customised to fit it.

It is versatile

The great thing about adding a conservatory is that not only does it give you more space, the options for what you can do with that space are vast. Whether you want to transform it into a home office, a dining room, a living area, a kids play room, or even a home gym, the only limit is your imagination. Plus if you have a tiled conservatory roof then you can maintain the temperature effectively all year round, so you do not need to feel constrained to only use the space in the summer.

It brightens up your home

With the walls largely made up of windows, there is no doubt that a conservatory is a bright and sunny space. This means that you can enjoy the summer sun from the comfort of your own home, and still get plenty of sunlight in the winter without having to brave the cold weather – something that is particularly important for our mental health.

It adds value to your property

You might not be thinking about selling your house at the moment, but for when the time comes, a conservatory is a good way to entice buyers and add value to your home. Many people do not want to have to do any home improvements themselves, so by having a high quality conservatory already in place you are likely to get more, and better, offers.

It can help you to get more use out of your garden

A conservatory is a fantastic way to remove the barrier between your home and your garden, making them feel more like one connected space thanks to the large windows and patio doors. This might be particularly appealing if you have spent time making your garden look attractive, but feel as though you never have the chance to appreciate it! It is also very beneficial for our wellbeing, as exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress, depression and anxiety while boosting our creativity and productivity, plus helping us to relax.

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