Blocked drains can cause you a great deal of problems, including (but not limited to) unpleasant odours, damage to your property, bacterial blockage – and, worst of all, flooding.

It’s a hassle no-one wants to deal with, especially during these difficult times. However, allowing the problem to escalate could cause unnecessary and costly damage to your property – so, it’s always best to be proactive. If you notice that your drains are blocked, your next step should be to consult a reputable drainage engineer. In the majority of cases, they should be able to put an end to your drainage woes quickly and for a reasonable price.

Here are just a few reasons why we believe that a drainage engineer is the best person for the job:

Specialists in Drain Unblocking

Some homeowners are confused over who best to contact when they have blocked drains and may first consider calling a plumber. Although some plumbers may have the necessary expertise, as a general rule, a plumber’s work typically concerns water coming into your home, whereas a drainage engineer’s focus is the water flowing away from it.

And, although a typical plumber may have unblocked a handful of drains at their customers’ request, an experienced drainage engineer will have attended to thousands day in, day out. Not every job is straightforward, and this is where years of hard-earned expertise wins the day.

So, by calling a drainage engineer rather than any other type of contractor, you can rest assured that they will have all the necessary training to get the job done both safely – and effectively.

Minimally Invasive

An experienced drainage engineer will not only unblock your drain, but they will do so without causing any unnecessary damage to your property. Although the main objective may be to unblock your drains, inadvertently bursting a pipe could very quickly double the workload. That’s why conscientious drainage engineers take extra care to avoid such disasters.

Using equipment such as state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, thermal imaging and acoustic listening devices, your drainage engineer can pinpoint the exact location of the blockage.
Conducting a CCTV drainage survey also lets engineers know if there are any other pipes or fittings in the vicinity. Armed with this knowledge, they can unblock your drain safely, without risking further damage!

Knowledgeable in all Aspects of Drainage

Although you may hire a drainage engineer to unblock your drains, they may encounter other unanticipated drainage issues whilst carrying out the work. Another benefit to hiring a time-served drainage engineer is that they will have the correct tools and industry knowledge to remedy virtually any problem they encounter.

Whilst it may be disheartening to hear that your drainage problems are more complex than first thought, there really is no-one better to rectify them than a skilled drainage engineer. From leak detection, to proactive flood prevention, a good drainage engineer will have a comprehensive knowledge of their discipline, which can save you significant hassle in the longer term!


Short-term fixes may provide temporary relief from your drainage issues, but will often work out more costly in the long run. A good drainage engineer will always advise you of the most cost-effective course of action. They should also dispense advice on the habits to avoid in order to minimise the risk of blockages recurring!

Thank you for reading – we hope you found our article useful!

Canford Drains is a leading commercial and domestic drainage contractor with more than 20 years’ experience. If you are based in Bournemouth, Poole or the surrounding area and are struggling with blocked drains or any other drainage issue, please consider our services.

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