Loft conversions have been on the rise, and their popularity has been most noticeable within London. The question however is why? While many have thought this to be a passing trend, there are actually a great deal of reasons that show just why loft conversions in London are the most popular home construction choice in the Capital and it all begins with economics.

Add Value To Your Property

Without a doubt, loft conversions can add incredible value to any property. Not only are you adding space to your property, in the form of an extra bedroom, bedroom and ensuite or even simply a study or playroom, but you’re also doing so without sacrificing any outdoor space which for London, is a huge bonus. Recent studies have even shown that a loft conversion that adds an additional bedroom to a regular three bedroom home has the ability to add an additional 20% to the market value of the property, which when compared with the cost of a loft conversion in comparison to a regular extension, is fantastic.

It’s A Cost Effective Solution

It’s a myth that all home improvements are a cost effective investment. Every single home has a ceiling value for example, it doesn’t matter how much additional space you add to a home, whether you go up or out, no one is going to pay £600k for a property on a £300k street. It’s that simple. Home extensions, while offering a great ability to add space are far more costly and in turn, can lend itself to home owners earning far less and in some cases, simply breaking even. With loft conversions however, you’re spending less in the first place which makes them a much more cost-effective option, and one that lends itself to a better profit margin.

Avoid The Costs Of Moving

Moving home isn’t listed as one of the most stressful events in someone’s life for nothing. Moving home not only dishes out a lot of stress, it also sees the person moving home incurring a huge amount of costs too. From stamp duty to estate agent fees, solicitors fees and even moving company costs. The strain on your wallet is huge which when you consider it against the average cost of a loft conversion, makes you wonder why more don’t opt to simply ‘go-up’ instead and create more space in the home they’re already in.

Endure Less Construction

When compared with home extensions, loft conversions will always come out on top when it comes to the level of construction. Home extensions, whether it’s a single story extension or a huge double storey side and back, you’re going to endure a huge amount of construction from the very beginning as footings must be dug in order to make way for the first brick to be placed. With a loft conversion however, you’re simply converting space that’s already there, waiting to be used.

You Don’t Lose Outdoor Space

Outdoor garden space in London is limited as it is, therefore utilising a method that allows you to increase space without sacrificing your outdoor area is always going to be your best option, especially in London where terraced properties limit outdoor space to the backyard only.

Contact Clapham Construction Service For Help

There are so many benefits to a loft conversion for London properties, especially when compared to the level of construction and subsequently the cost that comes with a side extension.

If you think a loft conversion could work for you, we recommend contacting Clapham Construction Service today. Clapham Construction Service are specialists in loft conversions in London. Their expert team will be able to advise you on the most suitable loft conversion for your style home and the end result you’re looking to achieve. What’s more, they’ll offer you the best quality services at some of the most affordable pricing around. For more information, call them today on 0203 950 7957.

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