When we buy or develop our own property then the first thing we require is the security, for both our house and for the inhabitants of the house and the second thing that we look for is to make the appearance of our house attractive, appealing and welcoming.

To cater to these needs, there are a number of individual options but the most significant solution that handles both your needs while providing you with surety and security along with best possible quality and vast variety to choose from is the wrought iron gate for your home.

Here are a few of best results of our research that you can read through and choose as per your own standard and need.

Wrought Iron Garden Gates

They are commonly known as “garden gate” and are usually short in height with around 3-4 ft only, as their purpose is to keep the unwanted access to the limited area and to show the possession of the garden. They are easy to install, either with the fence of the garden or without it.

Wrought iron garden gates are available in an array of choices and their cost thus depends on their demanding and intricate design, material, quality and perfection with which they are designed. But a common estimate can fall between the prices of £50 to around £150 and to top it with more intricacy and quality, it can land into £400 for more voluminous options.

Though they are not gigantic in size but still they are equally effective as the restriction of access and individuality of your garden is visibly crystal clear through them and they give an aura of protection and security for your property.

Wrought Iron Side Gates

These gates as the name depicts are the side gates, made in wrought iron for the purpose of security and limited access from the sides of your property. They usually come in handy when you have double entrance to your home or have sides adjoining with your neighbors or an alley.

The cost of these side gates vary, depending upon your required needs and how much you are willing to pay for them. From the level of convenience to the levels of higher security, it gives you a vast option line to choose from. If you are willing to spend more, then you can look for easy yet more advanced security option of mortise lock but if you want things to cost you less than you can look in the generic, simple yet effective security option, with a latch and a padlock. Depending on these varying options of strength, budget, and ease the side wrought iron gate will cost you in between £80 and £600.

They come in better height than a garden gate and are about 5-6ft tall which is a better level of security in itself. They are used for security purposes and give an easy access to the inhabitants of the house only, while keeping the unwanted visitors at bay. The side gates are out of main sight and thus need to be strong enough for proper security.

Wrought Iron Estate Gates

The most important and significant gates in the security of your home and property are these wrought iron estate gates. Not only they maintain a high level of security but also determine the boundaries of your property. If you have chosen them wisely they will provide you security and will also glorify the outlook of your property. They are used at the main entrance of your home and are available in countless options of color, strength, material, security, and intricacy. Some say, the kind of gates you use at the main entrance speaks about your taste, aesthetics and most importantly your status and class.

You might have to pay an extra for this but the stronger, more complex and more durable they will be, the better they will effect to the unwanted visitors, while still be welcoming for the owners and the guests. Take it as an investment for the sake of your security and for an attractive look to your house which is why they might cost you around £1000 to £9000 depending on their make and design.

They are highly effective for being gigantic in height and width and thus cause the effect of security and better taste. They generally range in 6 to 9ft of height and their boldness keeps the unwanted visitors warned and at distance. They are available in all sorts these days from a simple latch to automatic gates that open at a click of a button. More technological advancement has come in these gates too and now you can get the gates that have sensors in them for easy identification of the cars of the owners.

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