The most crucial thing during harsh winter is keeping your home warm and cosy. This can be achieved only when you have an efficiently running boiler.

Boilers are critical appliances that must be maintained in their best shape to avoid any sudden breakdowns during the winter season.

Therefore, you must ensure that you call a professional company for high-quality boiler service and maintenance.

With regular boiler service, you can get numerous benefits. Let’s discuss these benefits in this blog post.

Decrease Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of regular boiler service is decreasing energy bills. Usually, a boiler that has parts and components that haven’t been serviced for a long time tends to use more energy.

Regular service ensures that your boiler is energy efficient, saving you money in the long run.

Avoid Dangers

Faulty boilers are hazardous and may cause potential damage to your property and loved ones. Boilers can experience oil and gas leaks. If neglected, these leaks can become dangerous.

Regular boiler service ensures that these leaks can be detected promptly and serviced to avoid any hazard.

Save Money

Yes, that’s right! You might not realize this, but constant boiler repairs and faults can cause you to spend more money.

You can save money on these constant boiler repairs by regularly servicing your boiler by calling a professional boiler servicing Bournemouth company. So, don’t forget to book your yearly boiler service appointment now.

Avoid Breakdowns

It is quite unfortunate when your boiler breaks down when you most need it during harsh winters. Regular boiler service can ensure that you can avoid breakdowns.

This is possible because, during your regular service, the professional can detect any problems and faults and repair it right away.

Make sure to get your yearly service during summers. This will ensure that your boiler is working perfectly fine during winters.

Maintaining the Validity of Boiler Guarantee

Boilers usually come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. But this guarantee is only valid when you get your boiler serviced yearly. If you have a valid guarantee, you can get any repairs done free of charge.

Hence, maintain the validity of the manufacturer’s guarantee by booking your yearly boiler service appointment.

Stay Legal

This is an important aspect for businesses and landlords. Yearly boiler service ensures that commercial places and landlords have gas safety certificates keeping them legal.

These certificates are kept on record for two years allowing them to rent the place or run their business. Therefore, if you are a landlord or own a commercial property, book your appointment for yearly boiler service.

Now that you know the major benefits of regular boiler service and maintenance, let’s move to understand what will happen during your service appointment.

Steps followed during a boiler service appointment

During a regular boiler service, the professional will follow these steps to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently.

  • The professional will begin with a proper visual inspection. This visual inspection will allow the professional to look for any faults. Also, this visual inspection will ensure that your boiler is following the latest boiler guidelines.
  • The professional will perform a tightness test. This test will ensure that your boiler doesn’t have any oil or gas leaks. If s/he finds a leak, the professional will repair it right away to avoid any hazard.
  • The professional will then manually check the boiler operations to ensure that everything is running perfectly. They will look for any unusual sounds to determine any faults.
  • The professional will also check the flue. This inspection is important to ensure that the flue chimney is not blocked, and the gases produced during boiler functioning escape easily. It is not just the end of the flue chimney that is inspected but every joint. This inspection is done following the latest regulations.
  • The next is to check the overall gas pressure of the boiler. Your boiler must get the right gas pressure to perform and provide heating to your home. The gas pressure is adjusted accordingly to improve efficiency.
  • The professional will also check all the radiators in your home. This is important to ensure that the radiators are working correctly and heating your home efficiently.
  • When you call a professional for boiler service, s/he will also perform a flue test. This test is important to ensure that the gases are combusting safely and not a hazard to the property.
  • The professional will also ensure to clean the condensate trap.
  • If your boiler has a system filter, the professional will ensure to clean it during the service.

One of the most important things that any professional company will keep in mind is to follow the latest boiler service regulations. This will make sure that your boiler is up to date and working efficiently.


In conclusion, regular boiler service will make sure that your boiler is in its best shape. Regular boiler service also ensures that it doesn’t breakdown during winter and keeps you warm and cosy.

During a regular boiler service, you can expect the professional to carry out a thorough check-up of the system. Starting with the complete visual inspection to checking each boiler component, the professional will ensure that everything is working perfectly.

If the professional finds any faults during the boiler service, s/he will repair it right away. So, regular boiler service will keep your boiler up and running.

Hence, you should book your regular boiler service appointment with a professional boiler service company such as Senior Plumbing & Heating.

Senior Plumbing & Heating is one of the leading companies, which is known to provide the finest boiler service in Poole and Bournemouth.

They have a professional team of Gas Safe Registered engineers who are equipped with the right tools and equipment to provide yearly boiler service. They are also accredited installers of the Viessmann boiler range.

So, whether you are looking for an efficient boiler service or installation service, you can get in touch with Senior Plumbing & Heating right away.

I hope you have an efficient boiler that keeps you warm!

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