If you’re planning to move to a brand new home in the near future, you may be excited about all the possibilities this new property will offer – and look forward to making memories among family and friends in the years to come.

However, before you complete your next step on the property ladder, there’s still one more obstacle to overcome. You must face the logistical challenge of transferring all your worldly goods from your old home to the next. This can be done with the help of a reputable domestic removals company, or you may choose to go it alone.

Although the DIY approach may seem like the cheaper option, it’s not necessarily the best, or the simplest. If you’re inexperienced when it comes to heavy lifting or logistics, we would strongly recommend calling in the professionals. For example, if you need your car shipped during a move, an auto transport company can do that for you with no issue.

Here are five reasons why we believe you should hire a trusted removals company for your next house move:

Quicker and Easier

If you attempt to move home without expert help and merely hire a white van for a day, you may discover that the task is larger than anticipated. Unless your inventory is miniscule, multiple trips back and forth between the two properties are an inevitability.

However, if you choose to hire a removal company for the job, you’ll bypass all this hassle. Your removals team should arrive with a large, fully-equipped van with more than ample space for the contents of your property, allowing everything to be delivered to your new home in a single trip!


When you factor in the added time, legwork and the cost of vehicle hire, the savings made from moving everything yourself may no longer seem so lucrative!

Conversely, the cost of hiring a leading local removals company may be less than you think. Many of today’s removals companies offer attractive rates, together with a professional, reliable service, so there’s every reason to consider this option.


If you attempt to lift heavy furniture without any formal training, you risk causing unnecessary damage to your property – and potentially serious industry. Removal company employees have received extensive training on how to handle items safely and will be well versed in how to mitigate the risk of the damage and injury.

Fully Covered

Removal companies employ specially trained staff that are fully insured (including Public Liability). This means, in the unlikely event that your property is damaged during the move, you won’t be left out of pocket.

However, if you attempt to move everything by yourself, you won’t have this safety net and any damage caused to your valuables could make your move costlier than anticipated.

Everything Taken Care Of

Prior to your move, a reputable removals firm will take inventory of your property prior to transit, ensuring that each and every item is accounted for. They will appropriately secure all items, including valuables such as pianos, antique furniture, china and glassware. Most movers will then unload and carry each item into its place, leaving you free to enjoy your new home.

We hope you found our article helpful. And if you’re based in High Wycombe (or the surrounding area) and need a reliable, cost-effective removals service, please consider ABC Removals & Storage.

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