If you, like many homeowners out there, absolutely love the layout of your kitchen and bathroom as it is, but want to spruce things up a little, then a brand new worktop could be the perfect addition. More specifically, a brand new marble worktop could be just what you need to transform your entire space.

The very subtle sheen of a marble worktop can offer not just a hint of elegance but a truly opulent appearance in virtually any space. Marble isn’t just a passing trend either, thanks to its timeless style that’s loved and adored by everyone the world over. Luminous, luxury and down right beautiful, a marble worktop is the perfect way to transform any kitchen or bathroom space. To show you just why this worktop material has the ability to transform a space all on its own, we’ve listed below several benefits this countertop stone can offer.

The Benefits Of Marble Worktops

Marble doesn’t just look great, it performs just as well too. Here are the numerous benefits that’s made marble as popular as it is, and shows why time and again, people choose to use marble to transform their kitchen and bathroom spaces:


Even though marble does look crazy expensive, it can actually cost a lot less than many other natural stones. Of course, the cost will always vary depending on the thickness of the stone, the amount you need and the precise type of marble however, generally speaking it’s far more affordable than most realise.


As it’s a natural stone, marble is far more resistant to scratches, bumps and scrapes than other materials however it’s also softer than granite. This makes it possible to incorporate more design elements into it such as different edging to make it truly individual.

Heat Resistant

Marble isn’t just used in the home, it’s favoured by professional chefs all around the world because it’s so incredibly durable and more importantly, heat resistant. It won’t catch fire and what’s more it won’t burn if you accidentally pop a hot pot on there by mistake. Of course we advise using pot protection but should an accident occur, it may not spell the end as it would be a wooden worktop for example.


While many have tried, man-made ‘marble look’ worktops simply cannot compete with the real deal. Marble is quite simply in a league of its own, competing with no one but itself and with such a wide range of colours and patterns, it’s one that caters for all styles and all tastes.

Contact The Only Way Is Granite Today

If you’d love to replace your current worktops with a beautiful and affordable marble worktop, then we suggest you contact the experts at The Only Way Is Granite. This incredible company specialises in the very best worktop materials and marble stone is just one of the incredible natural stones they supply worktops in Essex, Kent and the South East. Call 01277 800 023 today.

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