Apartments are great for if you’re living alone or those with small families. Not only do they tend to be cheaper than your average house, but they also offer a feeling of safety and security, especially flats that are above ground level. A woman living alone may feel much more comfortable knowing that her flat has a secure entry and no opportunities for a window break-in.

Some apartments come with a balcony to provide the owner with some outside space. These are great for watching the world go by, socialising with guests or just sitting out on a hot summer’s day.

Big or small, a balcony offers so much potential to be your favourite space in your house. If you’re the owner of your apartment, you have the opportunity to revamp your balcony in any way you like- and even if you’re renting, there are still plenty of great redecorating opportunities. Here are 4 ways you can maximise your balcony space:

1. Create A Cosy Corner

In England, even in the middle of summer the evenings can still feel pretty chilly. So while it’s a great idea to have a deckchair or something similar for sunbathing on, you’ll probably make just as much use (if not more) of a space dedicated for feeling cosy and warm.

There are many different reading nook ideas that can give you inspiration for how to create your cosy space. You could add a squashy chair, or simply put down a rug and a scattering of soft cushions- it’s entirely up to you.

2. Add Some Decking

The floor of a balcony is often overlooked, but don’t underestimate the power of what some new decking can do for your outside space! If your balcony is looking tired and old, then adding some decking can give it a much-needed refresh.

Ecoscape only use high-quality and award-winning wood plastic composite, and the result is a modernised, fresh-feeling balcony that looks brand new. You can check out what makes their grey composite decking so great by checking out:

3. Fill The Space Up With Plants

Plants have been proven to help reduce stress by making you feel more comfortable, soothed and natural. Aside from that, they can also make your balcony look visually stunning, so why not add a few potted plants to your outside space?

If you haven’t got the biggest green thumb, then there are plenty of online stores that offer plants which are virtually unkillable- otherwise you may be best off with a fake plant.

4. Add Water-Safe Lights

Lamps and fairy lights and can transform a balcony into a beautiful, romantic area, and would make your outside space the perfect spot for a dinner date.

You could buy a timer so that your lights switch one and off by themselves during the evening, or you could simply use them as and when. Just make sure that any lights are deemed safe for using outside, and always keep your candles away from anything flammable.

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