Working from home has come with its own set of challenges. For some this has been battling an extremely slow wifi connection and for others, it has been challenging to stay organised. We are currently living through one of the biggest shifts in communication, its completely understandable that we are facing some implications.

Luckily most of these issues are much simpler to resolve than you may expect. Staying organised is not a skill you are just born with, its a habit you pick up from maintaining a clean working environment. In this article, we will be taking you through our top 5 most effective cleaning hacks which will help you stay organised and stay on top of your work.

Start Your Month With A Calendar

Once you have received your assigned work for the month take a minute to create a calendar. This a great way to help schedule your work and stay organised. Make sure that you take the time to factor in any deadlines, the key to staying organised and staying on top of everything is to manage your time effectively. By creating a calendar you will be able to organise your entire workload for the month in a matter of 30 minutes.

Substitute Sticky Notes For Calendar Reminders

While sticky notes may be fun to use, they are definitely not the best tool for staying organised. If your desk is slowly becoming overrun by sticky notes its time to make a change. By simply replacing sticky notes with calendar notifications you will be able to remind yourself on those need to do tasks without it having to take up your entire desk. Additionally, you can set a reminder to go off at a specific time, let’s say at the end of the day, so you know you need to get that task done before the day comes to a finish.

Invest In A Filing Cabinet

Paperwork, let’s be honest, it doesn’t need to take up the entire desk. In most cases, the paperwork you store may never need to be used again but there is always that fear that you’re going to chuck something away that you might later on need. Investing in a filing cabinet will allow you to store this paperwork without it having to take over your workspace. A small investment today will allow you to stay organised for years to come. You may even be able to speak to your manager and request it as a part of your work equipment.

Give Desk Clutter A Home

If you are finding that your workspace is getting overrun by unneeded clutter, its time to get organised. Everything on your desk should have a home, books should be in a pile, drinks should be to one side and there should never be something on your desk that you don’t need. Take this advice on board and you will find that you are up to 10x more organised. A clean and organised desk gives you an organised mindset.

End The Day With A Quick Clean

Throughout the long working day, it is completely unavoidable to have some clutter build up. This is just part of working within a busy working environment. Actually, we recommend that you let the working day flow, regardless if it makes the desk a little messy or not. Don’t worry about taking regular breaks to clean your desk, why not just finish up the day with a quick clean. By making sure that your desk is clean at the end of the day it means you will come in tomorrow to clean and organised desk ready for you to crack on.

While many prepare for the return back to work, others could be looking at another couple of months of working from home. If you a business owner and looking for some advice to ensure your return back to work is as safe as possible we would advise you to invest in commercial cleaning in Southampton. Keeping the office clean is the best way to ensure you and your colleagues are kept safe.

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