Each and every one of us has been or will be locked outside our houses at least once in our lifetimes. We either lose our keys or forget them inside the house and lock the door while on our way out. These are fairly common incidences and we believe people can save themselves a lot of headache and money and can take a few steps to help themselves prepare to handle such situations themselves, you don’t always need to contact a locksmith and spend your hard earned cash!

Here are a few tips and trick you can follow, just in case you slip up in the future and accidentally lock yourself out of the house.

Keep a lock pick set

This may seem a bit far-fetched, but a lock pick set is quite small, so you can easily keep one in your bag, purse or wallet as a precaution. Good lock pick sets include all the tiny tools you can imagine to pick a lock and enter your home. To ensure success every time, you can practice in your spare time on your house’s front door or a simple padlock to master it so that it takes less effort when you’re actually in a hurry to get into your home. Southord Southern Ordnance manufactures a set that is perfect for these needs. It includes everything you may need and has been used and tested by many people and many consider them to be second to none in terms of accuracy and convenience.

Bobby Pins

If you don’t want to invest in a lock pick set, bobby pins are your closest alternatives. They are convenient to use and are also readily available which makes them a great option. They can be bent and molded into whatever shape that’s desired and once jammed into the keyhole, combined with a slight jiggle of the doorknob, you can easily break into any lock.


A credit or debit card is also one of the most common hacks when it comes to unlocking a door. Make sure the card you are using isn’t one of great value or importance, as there is the possibility that your card may get damaged during the process. How it works is you jam the card between the door and the frame and once it’s between the lock, you push it back and the door unlocks. This is an easy, cheap and quick way to enter your home without calling a locksmith.


Used in the exact same way that bobby pins are, a paperclip is also easy to bend and mold to the shape of the lock you intend to open. Insert the extended pin into the lock, move the knob a little and voila! This method may not be the best, but it has been known to produce some amazing results for people. Practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice unlocking your door from the outside a couple times to avoid any embarrassing situation in the future.

Other methods

Other methods include the use of screwdrivers and/or a kitchen knife to unlock a door, but they are a little unrealistic as it is highly unlikely that you will be carrying a butter knife or a screwdriver in your bag outside your house. While these methods might seem easy to use, they are not always effective and might even cause unnecessary damage to your lock and the areas surrounding it. Therefore, it is advised that you always contact a locksmith in such a situation in order to avoid future higher costs. Rely on Leeds Locksmith for all your lock-related needs and sit back and relax because your locks are in safe hands and our services are top quality, utilising the best in technology.

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