Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, it’s always a wise idea to have the number of a local emergency plumber on your phone. The fact is that you simply never know when you are going to need to call a plumber to your home as soon as possible. The good news is that having an annual plumbing inspection in your home and fixing any problems like low water pressure and leaking pipes can help you avoid a plumbing emergency, but no matter how well you keep up with maintenance, it always pays to be prepared for a time where you might need help quickly.

Here are some of the most common situations where an emergency plumber is needed.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are the most common reason for needing an emergency plumber, and if you’re dealing with this in your home, you’ll want to get help as soon as possible since they can cause a lot of damage to your property. Pipes burst for a wide range of reasons including corrosion, freezing, and more, causing water to pour into your home. You can minimise the damage by turning your water off at the mains as soon as you discover the leak. Turn on all the taps in your home to divert any water left in the pipes away from the leak.

To be prepared for this common situation, we recommend you have an emergency plumbing contact. When you find your emergency plumber in Birmingham, London, or any major city, make sure they offer a 24-hour call-out service to ensure that you get help as soon as you need it. Also, do not forget to check carefully your home insurance policy to find out if this cost would be covered.

Sewage Backup

There aren’t many situations as disgusting and messy as finding sewage on the floor in your home. Sewage backup usually occurs through the shower or toilet as these tend to be the largest drain pipes, and along with stinking in your home, it is toxic waste that can be very dangerous for your health. There are plenty of reasons why this might occur, including blocked pipes, but whatever the reason, you are going to need an emergency plumber to identify and fix the problem, for example if you live in London you can call BDS drainage. You’ll probably need professional cleaners, too!

Water and Heating Problems

Today, most of us take hot water for granted, especially since you can simply turn on the hot water tap and it’s right there when you need it. The same goes for central heating, with most of us expecting the house to warm up on demand. But if you’re suddenly faced with a freezing home and cold water coming out of your hot water taps, you’re going to need a plumber quickly – especially if it’s during the winter. This could be a problem with your boiler which will usually need a professional to diagnose and repair. If a professional suggests that your boiler is beyond repair, then maybe it’s time to look for new boiler deals.

These are just some of the most common reasons why emergency plumbers are needed. While they can often be avoided with good maintenance, it’s always a wise idea to have an emergency plumber on speed dial just in case.

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